Legal abortion in Colombia

In Colombia, with Orientame you can have a legal and safe abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Two women, one a doctor and the other a patient in a doctor's office reviewing a document, in the background a gurney.

Is legal, safe and affordable

In Colombia abortion is legal since February 21, 2022 by decision of the Constitutional Court, sentence C-055.

With this decision women, girls, transgender men and other pregnant persons are free to choose whether or not to continue the pregnancy.

Along with Canada, Colombia’s is the most advanced legislation on the continent in terms of reproductive rights protection.

In addition, the Colombian health care system offers universal coverage to local and foreign patients.

Enter the chat and we will tell you about the requirements for abortion care in Colombia.

Medical support

Consult with experienced professionals at any time of the process.

Anxiety management

Psychological counseling appointment that will allow you to clarify your ideas and learn more about your options.

Post-treatment services

If you need it, you can request a contraceptive counseling.

Comfortable facilities

First specialized clinic in Colombia for legal abortion treatment.

Clinical safety

We apply the most rigorous qualification protocols for the provision of reproductive health services.


Safeguarding your privacy is one of our main commitments.

Choose your schedule

Choose the appointment time that suits you best.

Accessible services

Guarantee of equal rights regardless of your age, education, social status, sexual orientation, gender expression, nationality, ethnicity or culture.

In Colombia, with Oriéntame you find a safe place for your reproductive autonomy.

Two women, one a doctor and the other a patient in a doctor's office reviewing a document, in the background a gurney.

Abortion services at Oriéntame include

• Psycho-social counseling

At the beginning of the care process, if you need it, you can have a conversation with a psychology or social work professional to express your feelings and clarify your ideas. This first step is optional and free of charge.


• Comprehensive medical assessment

In the medical consultation your health situation is reviewed, the time of pregnancy is determined by ultrasound examination and the best treatment option is defined according to your needs and preferences.


• Pregnancy termination treatment

This is an outpatient procedure, safe and of low complexity. You will be able to choose between two anesthesia options to make your medical experience as comfortable as possible.


• Contraceptive counseling

After a voluntary abortion, you may need to avoid a new pregnancy. For this we offer counseling and different contraceptive options, so you can choose the best option according to your expectations and desires. This is an optional service.


• Post-procedure check-up

For your peace of mind, you can request a control to ensure that everything is going well and your body has fully recovered.


• Post-abortion counseling

Sometimes, going through this experience can awaken emotions that require a space to be reviewed with professional support. If this is your case, request a post-treatment orientation session.


• Appointment center

Through chat, Monday through Saturday, you have a team of people who can guide you step by step through the process of your care regardless of whether you are in your home country or in Colombia.


Treatment options

Swift abortion

During the first 15 weeks of pregnancy

$250 dollars

Painless abortion

During the first 22 weeks of pregnancy

$400 dollars

Abortion and donation

Get a painless abortion for yourself and support the payment of treatment for someone else.

$700 dollars

Why do you prefer us?


patients per year in safe and legal abortion services, and more than 1000 of them are foreign citizens.

Regional referrals

Since 2002, we have trained more than 1600 health care professionals in 11 countries in Latin America.

High quality standards in healthcare

We follow the strictest quality protocols in sexual health services. We are part of the health system and we are supervised by the Superintendence of Health of Colombia.

First Colombian clinic specialized in legal abortion

Get to know Orientame’s specialized clinic for abortion care in Bogota.

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Recommendations for your trip to Colombia

  • Before making an appointment, confirm the number of weeks of pregnancy by standard ultrasound (transabdominal ultrasound in 2d).
  • To be seen at Oriéntame it is necessary to book your appointment before traveling to Colombia..
  • If you prefer, pay before traveling or pay directly at Oriéntame’s medical office (we accept different credit cards and dollars for cash payment).
  • Review the informed consent documents before traveling, this will save you time on the day of the procedure.
  • Fast for 6 hours before the procedure.
  • On the day of the procedure wear comfortable clothes, come without makeup, acrylic nails or nail polish.
  • Bring your regular medications and inform Oriéntame staff.
  • Remove dentures, jewelry, watches and piercings from your body.
  • If you are traveling alone, we offer you a person to accompany you to your place of accommodation after the procedure.
  • When you return home, we will do a virtual follow-up to verify that everything is going well.
  • Let us know if you need help with tickets, transfers, lodging, sightseeing, etc.
  • Bogota is a rainy city, the temperature ranges between 50 y 70 °F.

Personal data protection policy

Privacy and security at Oriéntame has always been a commitment, see how we protect your data.

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Patients' rights

As a user or companion of health services, you have rights and also duties. Knowing them will facilitate your experience at Oriéntame.

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